Máy đo độ nhớt Mooney

Model: MV one

Frequency: 0.001 to 50 Hz (0.06 to 3,000 cpm)

Amplitude: ±0.005˚ to ±360° arc (continuous)

Strain: ±0.07 % to ±5000 % Torque 0.0001 to 25 N.m

Temperature Standard: Ambient to 230 °C & Optional: 18 °C to 230 °C with Enhanced Cooling System

Maximum Ramp Rate: 80 °C/min (1.33 °C/s)

Die Type: Sealed bicone, 0.48 mm gap

Sample volume: 4.5 cm3

Platen Sealing Pressure: 2 to 8 bar Adjustable

Sample Pressure Optional: 0 to 8,500 kPa

Test Modes: Cure (isothermal, ramp, step)

                    Strain (sweep, offset, LAOS)

                    Frequency Sweep

                    Stress Relaxation

                    Advanced (multi-frequency, abitrary waveforms)

Measured Data: Torque, Temperature, Frequency, Amplitude, Sample Pressure (optional)

Calculated Data: Viscoelastic properties including: G’, G”, G*, S’, S”, S*, tan δ, η’, η”, η*, LAOS Lissajous curves, non-linearities in stress and strain, and more than 550 process parameters including: ts1, TC10, TC50, TC90, S’min, S’max, scorch time, cure rate

Standards: ASTM D5289, D6048, D6204, D6601, D7050, D7605; ISO 6502, 13145; DIN 53529