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Đầu dò khối phổ lai thời gian bay Xevo G2-XS QTof

26 Tháng 03, 2018

Xevo G2-XS QTof Quadrupole Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry

eXtreme Sensitivity, eXtraordinary Selectivity, eXceptional Solutions

For the scientist who needs to identify, quantify and confirm the broadest range of compounds in the most complex and challenging samples.

- Maximum robustness with no compromise in performance
- Class-leading real-world quantitative sensitivity
- Highest quality, most comprehensive qualitative information
- Flexibility to adapt to changing needs
- Accessible to experts and non-experts alike

Maximum robustness with no compromise in performance
The trend for increasing complexity of both samples and studies can result in difficulty obtaining high quality data for every component of interest while maintaining optimum performance throughout the analysis.

The Xevo® G2-XS QTof combines StepWaveTM ion optics with the XS Collision Cell, providing a significant increase in sensitivity with no reduction in selectivity.  During long analyses, critical hardware components stay clean for longer, so results are more reproducible and the laboratory stays productive.

Meaningful information is obtained for a greater number of components across a larger population of samples than ever before, giving a more complete picture for improved understanding and more confident decision making.



Class-leading real-world quantitative sensitivity
In targeted quantitative analysis, the greatest challenge is to detect and quantify components of interest down to the lowest possible levels, often in the presence of interferences from complex matrix.  Large variation in the concentrations of different components further adds to this challenge.

The Xevo G2-XS QTof combines sensitivity and selectivity with the mass accuracy, dynamic range and speed provided by QuanTofTM technology and the enhanced quantitative capability of Tof-MRM data acquisition.  The end result is class-leading quantitative performance in real everyday laboratory conditions, demonstrated by limits of detection and quantification superior to anything achieved before with high resolution MS.

Highest quality, most comprehensive qualitative information
In addition to accurate quantitative profiles, complete understanding of a sample requires detailed and comprehensive qualitative information.

MSE is a simple but powerful approach that delivers accurate mass precursor and fragment ion data for every detectable component, whether chromatographically resolved or not.  This represents the ultimate in qualitative information, and because the approach is un-targeted, the data can be interrogated again later as scientific questions evolve.

FastDDA is an automated, targeted data acquisition method that provides rapid, intelligent accurate mass MS/MS capability for confirmation of known compounds or characterization of unknowns, for situations where only true MS/MS data will suffice.

Flexibility to adapt to changing needs
The growing emphasis on efficiency and productivity in the laboratory demands analytical systems that are not only robust and reliable, but that also have the flexibility to accomplish a wide variety of tasks today, with future-proofing for the innovations of tomorrow. 

Waters’ Universal Ion Source Architecture enables the use of a single analytical platform for many different applications and molecule types, as well as providing the option to add new functionality as requirements and priorities change.  All source options are designed to be quickly interchangeable and ready to use within minutes, maximizing versatility and minimizing downtime.

Accessible to experts and non-experts alike
Traditionally the ability to achieve and maintain optimum performance from such a powerful analytical system would require a level of knowledge and experience held only by expert users.

The Xevo G2-XS QTof features IntelliStartTM technology, an intuitive user interface that automates routine tasks and ensures reproducible data of the highest quality, ensuring the full capability of the system is accessible to all.

IntelliStart enables essential functions to be carried out automatically:

- MS resolution and calibration checks
- Simple setup of diverse experiments
- Scheduled LC-MS system checks
- Continuous system monitoring

(Nguồn: Waters.com)

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