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Cách chuyển phương pháp từ HPLC lên UPLC

16 Tháng 03, 2018

You're looking to upgrade your laboratory's analytical technology. But you're worried about migrating validated methods from HPLC.

Waters is ready to help you make the change. UPLC Technology is built for tomorrow's separations, yet is compatible with current methods. Benefit today from the best LC system on the market, designed with UPLC robustness and state-of-the-art features to simplify your HPLC workflows.

The fundamentals of UPLC are built on the van Deemter curve; ACQUITY UPLC Systems are holistically designed to fully exploit the performance and efficiency of sub-2-µm column technology. Relying on the science of chromatographic separations, you can be confident that using UPLC doesn't compromise your ability to run HPLC-scale separations.

Here's where you are:

Here's where you could be:

The ACQUITY UPLC H-Class System, combining the flexibility of a quaternary-based LC system and the convenience of a flow-through-needle injector design, is designed to make the transfer from HPLC to UPLC (or UPLC to HPLC) easy.

With unprecedented selectivity and reproducibility across batches and particle sizes, Waters Method Transfer Kits preserve the integrity of a separation as it is transferred between HPLC and UPLC platforms
Choosing the right UPLC columns and conditions couldn't be easier with the transfer guidelines provided by the ACQUITY UPLC Columns Calculator
Column compartment options provide better control of temperature to ensure the same efficiency system to system
Once you've transferred your method, Empower 2 Method Validation Manager can do the validation work for you, automatically

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Source: Waters.com


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